Social Media Profiles – How Important Are They to Writers?

BIC032Are your social media profiles and bios effective? Do they tell the world who you are and what you do? Do they tell what you want to tell the world? Remember, your profiles on social media sites are visible to anyone who goes to those sites. The world can see you.

Yes, even writers need to have good profiles. Let’s look at the Twitter bio as an example. Does your Twitter bio tell the business world what you do? Are you a technical writer like me? Do you specialize? Does your Twitter bio entice people to follow you?

Niche Profiles

If you have a niche that you write about, make sure that is in your profile.

“Writer” is a broad, general term.

“Technical writer” narrows down the field.

“Technical writer specializing in accounting software” is specific.

Granted, in a Twitter bio, you have a finite number of characters to deliver your bio (160 characters – 20 more than you get for a tweet). So, you need to create some abbreviations: Acctg s/w tech writer

Your SM Goal

You need to determine how you are using your social media. If it is strictly for business, your profiles need to emphasize the business aspects of your life. Yes, you can add personal information, but leave it for the end and keep it brief.

If you have an account on a platform that is generally on the personal level, such as Facebook, you can lead off with your personal interests. However, if you plan to use such sites for business, again lead with your business profile information.

Keyword Rich

Use lots of keywords. Ask yourself, “How will people look for those who do what I do?” Use those words. For example, if someone were looking for a senior technical writer who has experience using Dreamweaver and in devloping web content for companies that manufacture and sell toys for toddlers, what would they put into a search field? Write your profile as if you were searching for someone with your skills:

Sr. technical writer for toy manuals, esp. toddlers.

That is far more specific than “Technical writer at ABC Company,” which is what appears in many LinkedIn profile headings. On LinkedIn, the heading under your name is the first thing that people see when they go to your profile. Be extremely specific and concise. You have the remainder of the profile information to get verbose.

Learn More

If you want more assistance with writing your profiles, there are two events happening on Monday, June 29th. Both will be full of tips to write or improve your profiles.

  • The first one is a tweet chat at 11:30 am EST, which, of course is free. You can join the conversation in the DIYMKT chat room. I am hosting the chat for Ivana Taylor of DIY Marketing.
  • The second is later in the day at 5:00 pm EST. It is a one-hour teleseminar that I am facilitating. The cost is just $24.95. I will explain how to write powerful, effective profiles for Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. You can even ask questions! Go to to register.
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